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Chef Jack at work.

My mother taught me and my sister, Licianna, to cook. Mom learned much of her approach to cuisine from my Great Aunt Marucha. My grandfather, her brother, was an international fiscal attorney and in her travels accompanying him and the family to various cities

Marucha absorbed many exquisite techniques which she loved to exhjibit to the lucky relatives and guests who frequented her table. Mom, as her assistant, was the benefactor of these techniques which she promptly passed on to us, the kids. Mom was a district Girl Scout leader in Marin County and she arranged that I was installed as summer camp chef by the age of ten. I prepared three meals a day for the attendees at camp, rain or shine. I learned a whole lot about producing food on time and in edible form. Then, between stints firefighting with the National Park Service, I worked as a cook in a local hospital.

Eventually, I went off to live in Europe and work as a touring musician and recording artist for six years. After the heat went out of my music career, I sought a job in my old field of cooking, a good fallback position. I was hired as a line cook at Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon, a five hundred plus seat bayside restaurant with yachtside service and three dining rooms, two bars and a large outdoor dining deck where seagulls stole food. The house dishes were cioppino and abalone sandwiches on huge toasted french rolls. We fed the Kennedy Family as well as the Oakland Raiders and thousands of Ramos Fizz drinkers on weekends. After a year as line cook I served two more years as executive chef before moving on to greener pastures.

I eventually served tenures as Exec chef at Sea Ranch Lodge (Castle and Cooke), The Tides in Bodega Bay, Frogmortons in San Rafael, JW Lions in Honolulu and I opened The Station Cafe in San Rafael for members of the Grateful Dead and partners. In my twenty year career, I prepared food for Lauren Bacall, Wilt Chamberlain, The Churchhills of England, Larry Holmes, Robert Blake, Art Garfunkel and so many more. Eventually, after a series of sinus surgeries, I was forced to quit the cooking field on advice of my doctors. I still cater a party or two and cook for an appreciative family at home as well as designing menus for area restaurants..

National Chef's Association, past member. Chef's Association. of Pacific Coast.