I had worked as a musician and performer for years in front of the cameras. Now, in my mid-forties, after paying the rent for twenty years with cooking and rising to the top of the kitchen hierarchy, I desperately needed to change careers in my food service day job. Rewarding as the job was, it was literally killing me. I had a feeling that if I could assimilate the necessary information, I could work behind the camera in film and video.

I had been making an excellent living as an executive chef while continuing to do music on the side. At the same time as I was working sixteen hours a day as exec chef at the Tides Wharf Restaurant in Bodega Bay I was dealing with a hit record in Brazil called "Deja Blue." I had recorded the bossa nova song singing with my wife, Iris, in our studio and the radio stations in Sao Paolo had picked it up off the internet.

Now, my doctor was telling me that I would have to make a career change since the kitchen environment was tearing up my sinuses. The toxic cocktail of natural gas, heat and smoke from the broiler, as well as associated sensitivities and allergies was playing havoc with the tender lining of my breathing apparati. Never mind that I was on a culinary tear at Sea Ranch Lodge at the time, putting together a strong menu of fusion and nouvelle components for a receptive North California coastal public. I would be sacrificing total creative freedom for the brisk teamwork of television. I had to change, so I did.

Educational Biology Videos
Out For Laughs was a Pilot hour show for Fox Comedy. JAK wrote the main theme. This was a really, really funny group of people and I loved it and it was lesbo gay and they were all great people.
Educational Biology Videos
Educational Biology Videos
Jack directed, shot, and narrated this 76 video
science series. He has done many more videos.

I completed the broadcasting program at City College of San Francisco, graduating on the dean's list. I apprenticed at several local stations and, in 1990, my wife Iris, and I established a video production company called Media Street, dedicated to producing educational video material on tape and videodisc. We made well over a hundred videos for clients such as Addison-Wesley, Scott-Foresman, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway and The Smithsonian Institution in DC.

Iris is a highly regarded scientist and author. She produced and wrote the pieces while I directed, filmed and edited the video. We invested much of the proceeds in a digital audio/video studio in San Francisco. Our videos covered mathematics, Biology, Earth Science and NASA space projects.

I was privileged to compose the themes and musical backgrounds as well as doing some of the artwork and, with Iris, much of the narration in these videos.


At the same time I worked elections at City Hall and shows at major hotels (on IMAG camera). I worked with the 49ers, James Brown Band, Julio Englesias, John Denver, Chris Isaac Band, Michael Douglas, Michael Gorbachov and others.

I recorded audio books and studentl orientation videos for Bay Area schools.

I shot and edited music videos for Body Rhythm and The Megatones.. I shot and edited numerous weddings.

I covered numerous seminars for Cisco Systems, Seimens, Deloit and many others.

Becoming a bonded and certified Legal Video Specialist, I conducted video depositions with Barry Bonds, Steve Wosniac and many of the movers and shakers on the California scene. Mine has been a varied and highly enriching video career, from shooting volcanos in North Africa, events across the West Coast and stone monuments in Europe to tracking wild elk and documenting sudden oak death in the Valley.

Educational Biology Tapes, in Spanish Jack produced, recorded and narrated audio tapes series, including Biology, Mathematics and Earth Science.

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